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2nd Avenue "Grand Opening" Adult Cap

Subway Dots Socks (Kids)

Subway Dots Socks (Kids)

Subway Scroll Sign Tie

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New York City Subway Sign Necktie. Transit destination illustrations are painstakingly adapted from original 1930s-1940s New York City subway destination roll signs. Adapted from original, authentic, 10-40 foot long vintage rolls, photographed, joined and made large-format transparencies and silkscreens for each route name. Perfect for newcomers, ex-pats, fans from afar and long-time New York City dwellers alike.


Fabric: Silky-soft microfiber. Microfiber: It is an extraordinarily fine-weave synthetic silk. (Vegan friendly)


*Please note there is some translucency in the platinum printing on black - to be faithful to the appearance of the original sign.