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Catching Lines - MTA Arts & Design Art Card

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Catching Lines

by James Yang, 2016

James Yang turns subway travel into fantasy, through a Jetson-inspired version of the experience.  Interested in color, Yang plays with iconic subway lines making them into balloons floating in mid-air as trains fly by with nets to catch the lines.  Yang was inspired by the complexities overheard by New Yorkers giving train travel directions to strangers.

Brooklyn based James Yang creates work digitally, while using a tablet for drawing.  He really likes working digitally because it reminds him of playing with Etch-a-Sketch as a child.  His work has appeared in a variety of outlets including the New York Times, Nautilus Magazine, the Wall St Journal, the Smithsonian Institution, Major League Baseball, and Atheneum Books. http://www.jamesyang.com/


Measures 9 x 44 inches

Additional Information

What's the Story Modeled after the Poster Program, the Art Card Program was initiated in 1999 by MTA Arts & Design. The Program provides opportunities for illustrators, print, and other visual artists to create evocative artwork for display within newer subway cars. Subway riders have the opportunity to enjoy colorful imagery as a source of thought and inspiration while traveling through the system.