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Moonlight Moment - MTA Arts & Design Poster

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“Moonlight Moment" by Jasu Hu, 2017
Flashing lights become the starry night sky for city dwellers and visitors alike in “Moonlight Moment" by Jasu Hu.  In the city that never sleeps, travelers above and below ground move through the city as they commute toward their destinations. Hu captures a glimpse of energy as people travel with the moonlight.
Hu is a New York City-based illustrator, conveying her perspective through elegant, emotional and conceptual illustrations.

Measures 29.5 x 46 inches

Additional Information

What's the Story This poster was commissioned by MTA Arts & Design and was displayed throughout the subway system. The Poster Program commissions artists each year to create artwork that celebrates the city and its transit system. Posters are displayed on platforms throughout the city’s 468 subway stations and sold to the public at the Transit Museum Stores. The Program provides illustrators and other artists the opportunity to reach a broader public, while expressing the people, places, and purpose of the transit network with visual appeal and variety.