Morning Commute MTA Arts & Design Art Card

Morning Commute MTA Arts & Design Art Card

Full Speed Ahead MTA Arts & Design Art Card

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The art card, Full Speed Ahead, by Wenjia Tang captures a unique vantagepoint looking onto the busy roadway next to the elevated 7 train.  Wenjia Tang is an illustrator, who works digitally, adding various textures to make her compositions organic.  Wenjia Tang, previously a resident of Manhattan, is inspired by vintage screen prints and retro 50s illustrations. 

  Measurers 9 1/2 x 44 inches

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What's the Story Modeled after the Poster Program, the Art Card Program was initiated in 1999 by MTA Arts & Design. The Program provides opportunities for illustrators, print, and other visual artists to create evocative artwork for display within newer subway cars. Subway riders have the opportunity to enjoy colorful imagery as a source of thought and inspiration while traveling through the system.