Travels Thru New York City - MTA Arts & Design Art Card

Travels Thru New York City - MTA Arts & Design Art Card

Hudson River - MTA Arts & Design Art Card

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"Hudson River" By James Ransome, 2015

Reminding us of what lies beyond our city boundaries, illustrator James Ransome captures the allure of a train journeying north along the scenic Hudson River. In Ransome’s world, Metro-North Railroad links two scenic contrasts: the New York cityscape and the Hudson Valley landscape that lies to the north. A train makes its way past verdant hill towns and villages replete with historic mansions, churches and a rich landscape dotted with farm animals that represent the robust agriculture of the magnificent Hudson Valley.

The Children's Book Council named James Ransome one of seventy-five authors and illustrators everyone should know. Ransome has lived in the Hudson Valley for over twenty years and makes the journey to and from New York often. He says, “I always find a seat on the river side of the train and spend my trip gazing wistfully at the river as books go unread, and my work remains untouched. The history of the river, the tugboats motoring past, the boating enthusiasts, the riverfront homes and parks, all capture my imagination. There is excitement as the train pulls into the hustle and bustle of the city and then a relaxing shift as it moves northward leaving the city behind. My illustration is an attempt to capture the allure of a journey along the Hudson River.”


Measures 9 x 44 inches

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What's the Story Modeled after the Poster Program, the Art Card Program was initiated in 1999 by MTA Arts & Design. The Program provides opportunities for illustrators, print, and other visual artists to create evocative artwork for display within newer subway cars. Subway riders have the opportunity to enjoy colorful imagery as a source of thought and inspiration while traveling through the system.