Platform - MTA Arts & Design Art Card

Platform - MTA Arts & Design Art Card

Blowing Bowler - MTA Arts & Design Art Card

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"Red Nose Studio" by Chris Sickels, 2015


Red Nose Studio’s whimsical work, The Blowing Bowler, celebrates the evolutionary design of the subway car, starting with New York's first underground subway, the Beach Pneumatic Transit Company (1870) and stretching all the way through to the modern R-188 car design. A man chasing his bowler hat is part of the cat and mouse relationship between the continually evolving, non-stop motion of the subway system and the bustling crowds who are always heading to catch the next train to move them forward.

Artist Chris Sickels created this dioramic model from wood, clay, fabric, wire, cardboard and found objects. After everything is constructed, assembled and lit, the piece is photographed. Overall size of the set was 8’ wide by 3’ high and 3’ deep. The construction used 220 pop rivets, 112 #11 blades and a variety of odd objects including an antique clarinet, spark plugs, electric cords from vintage appliances, reclaimed picture frames, cereal box cardboard and even few loose marbles.

Chris Sickels, the creative force behind award-winning Red Nose Studio, creates an eccentric world we'd all like to visit. Endearing characters and intricate 3-D sets draw you in with wit, intelligence and charm. Chris' illustrations appear in advertising, magazines, books, newspapers, packaging, character development and animation. His work has been honored by virtually every award institution and design annual and he has been featured in a number of art and design books including Taschen's Illustration Now!. He has twice been honored with the Carol Anthony Grand Prize award from the Society of Illustrators. He lives in Greenfield, IN.


Measures 9.375 x 44 inches

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What's the Story Modeled after the Poster Program, the Art Card Program was initiated in 1999 by MTA Arts & Design. The Program provides opportunities for illustrators, print, and other visual artists to create evocative artwork for display within newer subway cars. Subway riders have the opportunity to enjoy colorful imagery as a source of thought and inspiration while traveling through the system.