Hudson River - MTA Arts & Design Art Card

Hudson River - MTA Arts & Design Art Card

Subway Muses - MTA Arts & Design Poster

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"Subway Muses" by Johanna Goodman, 2016

Johanna Goodman’s “Subway Muses” plays off her ongoing work exploring portraiture, collage, magical realism, surrealism and symbolism. The Nyack, N.Y.,-based artist and illustrator pays tribute to women and the transit system in a portrait of four majestic women wearing a dazzling collage of contemporary and historical references. A background of black and white historic subway station photographs is set against a colorful foreground that draws attention to their chic attire. The gowns reference Massimo Vignelli’s iconic 1972 subway map, station architecture such as signage and mosaic tiles, the myriad of textures in stations and the green lamps outside subway entrances, and the Guastavino brickwork and skylights in the old City Hall station.

Measures 29.5 x 46 inches


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What's the Story This poster was commissioned by MTA Arts & Design and was displayed throughout the subway system. The Poster Program commissions artists each year to create artwork that celebrates the city and its transit system. Posters are displayed on platforms throughout the city’s 468 subway stations and sold to the public at the Transit Museum Stores. The Program provides illustrators and other artists the opportunity to reach a broader public, while expressing the people, places, and purpose of the transit network with visual appeal and variety.