Times Square 6X8 Tile

Times Square 6X8 Tile

Whitehall 6X8 Tile

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This beautifully decorative high glaze, smooth surface photo reproduction ceramic tile is an excellent way to display a bit of New York City Subway nostalgia in your home or office.


Originally known as Peter Stuyvesant's Great House, or townhouse, this handsome white stone building became New York's Government House and acquired the name "Whitehall." It is not clear which artist designed this plaque, but the view of the house as well as the placement of trees, ships and hills suggest that it was copied from one of Hollyer's Old New York views.


Note, these are decorative tiles and should be handled with care. Use a soft cloth with mild soap and water to clean. There is a hook on the back for easy hanging and display.


Measures 6x8 inches