Retro Metro Sterling Silver Lea Token Necklace

Retro Metro Sterling Silver Lea Token Necklace

Retro Metro Sterling Silver Token Bracelet

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A Token of affection. The iconic New York City subway token and talisman of the city became a well-known symbol of the bustling underground transit subway system.

Using repolished authentic MTA tokens to create unique collectible jewelry, the Retro Metro Collection can inspire you to “take the A train” or celebrate "going on the town...”

"Solid Brass NYC" Token in circulation from 1980-1985 in a sterling silver setting.

.925 Sterling Silver
Measures approximately 7.5 inches long.
26 mm token
Sterling silver toggle closure
Oxidized decorative subway track design edging
Authentic re-polished "solid brass NYC" token

More Information
What's the Story The .900 token was placed in circulation to mark the fare increase to 30 cents on January 4, 1970. The same size as a quarter with "Y" cut out of its center, this token remained in use through the fare increase of January 5, 1972 to 35 cents and the increase of September 1, 1976 to 50 cents. Unfortunately, the cut-out "Y" trapped lint from pockets, and the accumulated lint eventually clogged turnstiles. In 1980, a new token with the "Y" filled in was introduced to solve the problem.