New York subway themed back to school items. Backpack, pencils pens and more!

Vignelli Diagram Brooklyn Journal
NYC Subway Map Mousepad
Really Big Eraser
Vignelli Diagram Manhattan Journal
NYC Subway Map Drawstring Backpack (Black)
NYC Subway Map Backpack
NYC Black Vignelli Backpack
LG Subway Map Notebook
NYC Token Mousepad
LG MetroCard Notebook
MetroCard Mouse Pad
MetroCard Pouch
Vinyl Subway Map Pencil Case
As low as $12.95
NYC Subway Map RFID Wallet
Indy Checkered RFID Protection Wallet
Indy Rainbow Pencil Pouch
Indy Checkered Rainbow Zip Pouch
Heart Subway Routes Fanny Pack
Special Price $10.00 Regular Price $15.00
Rainbow Heart Sling Bag
Special Price $19.00 Regular Price $24.00
Fanny Pack Extender Belt
OMNY Small Pouch
Special Price $5.00 Regular Price $8.00
NYC Subway Route Pencil Set
Single MetroCard Pencil
Single #1 Subway Line Pencil