Long Island Rail Road: Main Line East Book

Long Island Rail Road: Main Line East Book

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NYC Subways 2023 Wall Calendar

Memorabilia Subway Grab Hold

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Grab hold of New York City subway history! These authentic stainless-steel "Redbird" subway grab holds are sure to spark a conversation. In urban public transit standing passengers, sometimes called straphangers, held on to these grab holds on many subway cars between 1959 and 2003, to provide extra capacity during rush hour. It can be used to hang towels or clothes, or displayed as a collectible in garages, rec rooms and man-caves.


Please note: this product is an authentic utility item from a NYC subway car; there will be some blemishes including staining, scratches, and possible bent on the top plate.


Measures: 18 x 5 1/2 inches Weight: aprox 3 lbs


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What's the Story The Redbirds were some of the longest running cars in the history of the New York subway system, beloved by rail fans and instantly familiar to longtime IRT passengers. Built by St. Louis Car Company for the World’s Fair, they were introduced when a ride on the subway only cost 15 cents! Part of the last pre-stainless steel fleet, the cars originally sported the powder blue and off-white color scheme of the 1964 Fair. After a brief period in the early 1980s when they were painted white, graffiti prompted a change in 1984 to the distinctive dark red color for which they are known today. The Redbirds were eventually replaced by modern R142 and R142A cars, but in retirement many saw new life, recycled as part of the MTA’s artificial reef program off the Eastern Seaboard.