MTA Slant End R40 F Train 2 Car Set Wood Train

MTA Slant End R40 F Train 2 Car Set Wood Train

NYC Subway Wooden GreenBird R30 QB

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Introducing the Greenbird R30 Queens Bound Wooden Toy Subway Train! This meticulously crafted and beautifully designed wooden toy captures the essence of the iconic subway trains that traverse the bustling cityscapes. Perfectly compatible with popular railway systems like Brio, Thomas, and many others, the Greenbird R30 brings endless imaginative play to young train enthusiasts.

The Greenbird R30 Queens Bound features a classic green color scheme that instantly catches the eye. With its sleek and smooth wooden construction, this train is both sturdy and safe for little hands to maneuver. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of its design, from the carefully carved windows to the accurately depicted subway signage.

Imagination knows no bounds as children embark on countless adventures, creating their own railway networks and navigating their imaginary city landscapes. The Greenbird R30 Queens Bound offers a realistic and interactive play experience. Its magnetic connectors allow for seamless attachment to other compatible trains and carriages, enabling young engineers to build and expand their railway systems effortlessly.

Whether it's transporting passengers to bustling metropolises or exploring uncharted territories, this wooden toy subway train is designed to inspire creativity and storytelling. Its compatibility with various railway systems ensures endless possibilities for combining tracks, tunnels, and bridges, fostering spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.

Crafted from high-quality, sustainable wood, the Greenbird R30 Queens Bound embraces eco-conscious play. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting enjoyment, making it an excellent addition to any train enthusiast's collection.

Join the adventure with the Greenbird R30 Queens Bound Wooden Toy Subway Train, where imagination takes the wheel and new railway routes are waiting to be explored. Watch as your little one's creativity and love for trains soar to new heights, all while nurturing their cognitive and motor skills in a playful and engaging way.

- Made with Non-Toxic paint
- Plays on all standards railway systems
- One piece hardwood body.
- Ages 3+
- Measures: L 5.5" x H 2" x W 1.25"
- Non-toxic child-safe paints
- Compatible with all standard wooden railway systems
- Munipals